27” Aqua Tong

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Effortless Precision Handling for Your Aquarium

Elevate your aquarium care with the 27” Aqua Tong. Perfect for both freshwater and saltwater tanks, it offers precise, safe handling of aquatic life and decor with its secure grip and easy-to-use design, making aquarium maintenance effortless and safe.

Color: White
Size: 27"

Perfect For

Feeding Aggressive or Delicate Species: Safely manage feeding routines for potentially dangerous or sensitive aquatic life without direct hand contact.

Rearranging Aquarium Decorations: Ideal for precise and careful rearrangement of rocks, plants, and other decorations in large or deep tanks.

Handling in Hard-to-Reach Areas: Effortlessly reach into the distant corners and depths of aquariums, making it perfect for those with limited mobility or large aquarium setups.

Variable Geometry Claw

Grab Anything!

Use tip for smaller objects and the inside of the claws for larger heavier objects.

Embedded Magnet

Magnet Precision!

Easily pick small metallic objects like nails and screws without grabbing them.

Customer Reviews

Based on 45 reviews
Fantastic instrument!

This little gem is definitely useful in the fish room.

Ruthie Kanshabe
Product was as shown, ideally I would like it to be sealed so salt water doesn't get in as easy.

Mechanism works great other then not Sealed for water use.

Dylan Bailey
Best piece of equipment I’ve brought for doing the job descriptions.

Brilliant piece of kitDoes exactly what I needed

Patsy Lehner
Es perfecto para agarrar objetos dentro del tanque

Es muy fácil de usar y se pueden tomar muy bien los objetos dentro del tanque además de que así se evita introducir las manos para no contaminar el agua

Anshu Magar
A must for a deep aquarium

I have a 60 gallon aquarium and I bought this grabber to arrange things in my aquarium. I’m finally able to arrange things without getting “armpit deep” in the aquarium water. I love these grabbers. I recommend this item.