Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, all EZPIK can fold and they are half the size before unfold.

All orders are shipped by Amazon, please see their conditions.

Like all products fulfilled by Amazon there is a 1 month warranty during which the grabber can be returned if any problem occurs. If any out of the ordinary defect is found beyond this period, EZPIK will take responsibility on a case by case basis. We are doing our best to improve our products and we welcome your feedback.

The models referred as "2-pack", "pack of 2" or "2 x" all includes 2 same grabbers.

The single 32" is currently out of stock and it will be restock shortly.

The claws are made of hard plastic and the tubes are made of extruded aluminum.

Maybe no since a detector takes considerable twisting force to remove.

The claw can open up to 3.5" wide and that's enough for a normal roll of paper towels but probably not for a large one.

They are made out of very light weight material (thin gauged aluminum) and weighs around 0.6 pounds.

The claw can open up to 4", it should be able to pick it if the width of your tissue box is smaller than that.

Yes, they are strong enough to pull the string on a ceiling fan.

Yes, depending on the size and weight but user still need to becareful to grab something that will break in order to prevent smithereens.

Fruits are between 2.5" and 4" in diameter should work fine, but for actual cactus it may be way to heavy. The Maxium safe weight you should lift horizontally is about 2 lb.

The maximum safe weight to lift horizontally is about 2lb.

Yes. EZPIK would like to replace your grabber but customers need to contact us via the order feedback. Q&A and reviews doesn't give any way for us to contact the customers.

Yes. It will pick up and hold a can of beans located on the top shelf of the grocery store until you drop it into the cart.

The tips open up to 3.5" (9 cm). For example: an AA battery or a box of corn flakes.

The claws are held closed by the trigger pressure. There is no locking mechanism to hold them closed after squeezing them.

The trigger is easy to squeeze but if the object is too heavy or slippery you still need to squeeze harder to hold just like you do with real hands. Since the grip is very direct and won't make your hand stronger but longer.

No assebly required. EZPIK comes fully assebled and can be folded.

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