Classic Foldable Grabber

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Versatile Convenience at Your Fingertips

Maximize convenience with the Classic Foldable Short Grabber, ideal for reaching tight or high spots effortlessly. Its foldable design and innovative features, like a rotating head and magnetic tip, make everyday tasks simpler and safer.

Color: Black
Length: 26"
Pack: 1 Pack
Perfect For

Reaching Tight Spaces: Ideal for navigating narrow areas between furniture or cabinets, with an attachable flashlight for better visibility.

Safe Handling of Delicate Items: Perfect for picking up fragile objects like glass or ceramic shards, featuring non-skid tips for secure grip.

Accessibility and Mobility: A great companion for those with mobility challenges, easily foldable and attachable to walkers or wheelchairs for convenient access.

Superior Benefits

Unmatched Excellence

Highlighting the fine workmanship and attention to detail.

Built to Last

Stressing the long-lasting nature of the product.

Flexible Utility

Highlighting the versatility and adaptability of the foldable feature.

Solid Stability

Emphasizing the product's reliable and stable construction.

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