Designed with reduced mobility in mind

Designed with reduced mobility in mind

We Do Wholesale - Make Tasks Effortless with EZPIK Reacher Tools

  • Simplify your everyday tasks and enhance efficiency with EZPIK's range of long foldable Reacher Tools, specially designed for individuals with reduced mobility. Say goodbye to straining your body or risking injuries with our ergonomic and user-friendly grabbers.


  • Comfortable and Pain-Free Usage EZPIK Trash Picker Grabber is the perfect solution for picking up trash and objects without causing strain or discomfort. Its lightweight design ensures easy handling even during prolonged use, preventing back and elbow pain. With various length options available, you can find the perfect fit for your height and reaching needs.


  • Built to Last Our Reacher Tools boast a heavy-duty construction with a patented locking mechanism and high-strength aluminum tubes. This durability ensures safe and reliable performance, making them ideal for heavy-duty cleaning operations. The soft yet robust silicone rubber coating on the claws provides a secure grip on items and ensures long-lasting use.

Elevate Your Reaching Experience Upgrade your cleaning and reaching experience with EZPIK Reacher Tools. Embrace effortless functionality and improved safety in your everyday tasks.

Contact us today to explore wholesale opportunities and bring the benefits of EZPIK to your customers.

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