Designed with reduced mobility in mind

Designed with reduced mobility in mind
Simple everyday tasks can become a burden when our ability to reach objects is limited. Instead of taking chances on a stool or risking a back injury, try our EZPIK range of long foldable Reacher Tools specially designed with reduced mobility in mind.
Comfortable even after prolonged usage
Without the help of an ergonomic tool, picking up trash can easily lead to back and elbow pain even for healthy adults. EZPIK Trash Picker Grabber is designed to be lightweight and really easy to use for a prolonged period of time, without straining your arm. Since everybody is different, we offer a range of lengths to match your height or reaching needs.
Heavy Duty construction fora long life
EZPIK patented locking mechanism and high strength aluminum tubes gives you the rigidity and safety you need for heavy duty cleaning operations. The soft but tough silicone rubber coating on the claws ensure items are well secured and the grippers will last.

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