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32" Folding Reacher Grabber Tool

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  • 32" STANDARD GRABER STICK: Grabber tool for elderly and adults between 5.5 and 6 ft tall when used as a pick up stick - for seniors of any height as a grabbing tool
  • MOBILITY & DAILY LIVING AIDS FOR HANDICAPPED: accessories for daily living from EZPIK clip on 1" tubes of assistive devices for elderly & disabled products for adults: walkers, wheelchairs, beds...
  • ROTATING HEAD EXTENSION: Grabber reacher tool to access tight places hard to reach - grabber's handle and claws don't need to align unlike other grabbing stick
  • FOLDABLE GRABBER REACHER TOOL: Mobility aids like an extension grabber reach tool needs to be easily portable - EZPIK folding grabber is only 16" folded
  • LIGHTWEIGHT METAL GRABBER TOOL: Disability aids for seniors can't be heavy - EZPIK grab stick is made of strong aluminum tubes weighting less than 9 oz
EZPIK 32" Reacher-Grabber

This strong arm extension with rubberized grip let you safely grab anything, from small coins to large bottles. The rotating claw and flashlight attachment make it easy to reach objects hidden under furniture or between cabinets. With this durable and feather-light stick you can finally pick-up the trash without breaking your back.

  1. ONE HAND PICK: Simply press and release the trigger to close or open the two independent jaws as if it was your own hand
  2. NO SQUATTING: With a length of 32", this picker upper tool effortlessly reach the ground for you while all you need to do is aim and grab paper, litter...
  3. MAGNETIC TIP: Catch small metallic objects like coins, keys, nails... using the magnet embedded in the tip of one of the claw
  4. PORTABLE: Made of durable but lightweight material, this grabbing tool is easy to carry with you and doesn't take much space once folded. You can also hang it on the wall

  • MATERIALS: Aluminum tubes, Stainless Steel cable and spring, Rubber grip, ABS
  • COLOR: matte black
  • LENGTH: 32 in / 80 cm
  • WEIGHT: 8.8 oz / 250 g
  • P/N: EZ321
  • INCLUDED: grabber reacher tool, clip-on attachment for standard 1" tubes