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EZPIK 27" Extra Long Tweezers for Aquarium

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  • LONG REACH - 27.5 inches is longer than any tweezer and tong, perfect for deep tanks
  • DON'T WET YOUR HANDS - Keep your hands dry and safe from predators. Prevent hand sanitizers to get into your tank's water
  • WATER RESISTANT - Strong Lexan shaft and Stainless Steel parts for rust-proof use in fresh or saltwater
  • NON-SLIP CLAWS - Rubberized pads on tips make aqua-scaping coral reefs a lot easier
  • ERGONOMIC HANDLE - Large trigger enable the precise handling of delicate plants or heavier stones
EZPIK Reacher Grabber Tongs for Small and Large Aquariums These long and lightweight Tongs will allow you to reach the deepest corners of your fish tank without wetting your hands ever again. It can lift and move heavy objects (~2 lbs) easily and its jaws are wide enough to hold a 5" object. Features: EASY HANDLING: Jaws are held open by a spring and closed by pulling an over-sized trigger on the comfortable handle. Rubberized non-stick pads won't let go even slippery objects. SAFE SPOT FEEDING: Feed potentially aggressive or dangerous fish safely (moray & electric eel, alligator gar, redtail catfish, paroon shark...). FOR ANY TANK: Made of rust-free materials, this grabber work well in fresh and salt-water. You can use it to reach up to 24" deep (60 cm) aquariums without touching the water with your hands. Marine Aquarium: While this tool is not afraid of sea-water, a salt deposit can render the mechanism sticky. To prevent this, just rinse your tool with fresh water. Specification: P/N: AQUA275 MATERIALS: Lightweight Lexan shaft, waterproof Stainless Steel screws and spring COLOR: Black & White LENGTH: 27.5" / 70 cm WEIGHT: 7 oz / 200 g